French expressions #5 💬

expressions with the French verb “Être”

Aujourd’hui, je vous propose d’apprendre des expressions françaises avec le verbe “ĂȘtre“.

Today, we’re going to learn some French expressions with the verb “ĂȘtre“.

  • ĂȘtre de bonne humeur = to be in a good mood
  • ĂȘtre de mauvaise humeur = to be in a bad mood
  • ĂȘtre en colĂšre = to be angry
  • ĂȘtre en forme = to be in good shape, to be fit
  • ĂȘtre en bonne santĂ©= to be in good health
  • ĂȘtre sans-gĂȘne = to be shameless, improper, rude
  • ĂȘtre Ă  l’aise = to feel at ease, comfortable
  • ĂȘtre au chĂŽmage = to be unemployed

Notez la liaison entre “est” et les mots commençant par une voyelle.

Note the liaison between “est” and the words starting with a vowel.

French expressions with ÊTRE (1)

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