Le premier mai 📆

La tradition du brin de muguet

On May 1st in France, which is Labor Day (la fĂŞte du travail), it’s a tradition to give each other a sprig of lily of the valley (un brin de muguet) to bring good luck.

Here’s a sprig of lily of the valley for you!

Notice that we say: “LE PREMIER mai”, but “le deux, le trois, etc mai”.

You can write: “le premier mai” or “le 1er mai”.

Don’t forget to use LE in front of a date.

–> Aujourd’hui, nous sommes le premier mai.

–> Je pars en vacances le 2 juillet.

–> Le 23 aoĂ»t, c’est mon anniversaire.

⚠ DE + LE = DU

–> Je pars du 2 au 15 juillet.

French tradition - May 1st

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