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French expressions with FAIRE

Here’s another post about French expressions with FAIRE.

You’ll notice that FAIRE is often used for the housework like:

  • faire la cuisine = to cook
  • faire à manger = to cook
  • faire la vaisselle = to do the dishes
  • faire la lessive = to do the washing
  • faire le lit = to make the bed
  • faire le ménage = to do the housework, clean the house
  • faire les vitres = to clean the windows


but also in the following expressions:

  • faire des économies = to save money
  • faire la fête = to party
  • faire la tête = to sulk, to pout
  • faire la bise = to give somebody a kiss on the cheek (very common to do in France when you meet someone you know, to say hello)

French expression with FAIRE (2)

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