Apporter-emporter-amener-emmener 🤔

Do you know the difference between APPORTER – EMPORTER – AMENER – EMMENER??? 🤔


These verbs are quite similar but they do have different meanings.

They are often misused and even the French tend to make mistakes when using those verbs! 😲😳😱


First of all, have in mind that MENER in French means: “to lead, to conduct, to show the way” and PORTER means: “to carry”.

Therefore, you use AMENER and EMMENER for persons, animals and things that can move by themselves,

and APPORTER and EMPORTER for things that you can carry.

Note that for a car, since you can’t carry it, you have to use AMENER or EMMENER.

J’amène ma voiture chez le garagiste. 🚗


However, the French tend more and more to use EMMENER and AMENER for things that you can carry.

You might therefore hear: “Tu as pensé à emmener des lunettes de soleil ?” 🕶

This is not correct though. One should say: “Tu as pensé à emporter des lunettes de soleil ?🕶


Secondly, remember that the prefix A- puts the focus on destination and EM- puts the focus on departure point.


Do you understand the difference between:

Je porte un parapluie. (I’m carrying an umbrella.) 🌂

J’apporte un parapluie. (I’m bringing an umbrella.) 🌂

J’emporte un parapluie. (I’m taking an umbrella with me.) 🌂


Here’re some infographics to help you understand:


How to use Apporter-Emporter-Amener-Emmener properly?

Do you know the difference between Apporter-Emporter-Amener-Emmener?

Do you know how to use Apporter-Emporter-Amener-Emmener properly? 3


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