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Bonjour !

I’m Johanna! I come from the land of Roquefort, in the southwest of France, but for the past 10 years, I’ve been living in Spain.

I settled there after a year of collaborative travel around the world. During this journey, I closed the chapter on my first life as an environmental engineer and began to develop my passion for languages.

I love juggling between Spanish, English, and French!

I am a certified teacher from the Alliance Française in Paris, but that’s not all!

I also have a superpower! A mistake radar that allows me to quickly detect areas for improvement in my students. That’s why I offer tailored and, above all, personalized lessons. Yes, we are all different! And finding the right path for my teaching to reach the learner is a challenge that I take great pleasure in.

I love teaching, transmitting knowledge, helping, and sharing. That’s exactly why guiding people to achieve their French learning goals makes me happy!

The smiles of satisfaction from my students are my greatest moments of joy as a teacher.

I must admit that my curiosity always accompanies me in class, leading to very enriching exchanges for both my students and me.

In the list of things I love are bike rides, photography, dark chocolate, mountain hikes, poppies, the sea, herbal teas, and above all… travel!

See you soon!



Bonjour !

My name is Aurélie, I am French, originally from the Grand Est region, where I currently live. After spending more than ten years abroad (in Belgium and South America), I returned to live in my homeland in 2020.

Languages and communication fascinate me; I speak French, Spanish, English, a bit of German, and have a basic level of Italian. I even started learning Kichwa when I lived in Ecuador.

I have been a teacher of French as a foreign language since 2010, exclusively teaching online since 2015. Before my teaching career, I worked as an educator in juvenile justice and in the national education system.

I hold a Master’s degree focused on plurilingualism, interculturality, pedagogical engineering, and language didactics.

In my classes, the keywords are: kindness, humor, friendliness, and interactivity. I enjoy debating, playing, and I am curious about everything. If you like dynamic and professional classes where we laugh and learn in a playful way, you won’t be disappointed!

My classes are always personalized based on who you are and your goals. Moreover, I love constantly searching for new tips and tricks to help you with the French language.

To tell you a bit more about myself; I love new technologies, I am an unconditional nature fan, I play rugby, have a photography certificate, have been a vegetarian for over 20 years, love reading, and started a vegetable garden this year.

Looking forward to meeting you soon and helping you with your French!



Bonjour !

My name is Jeanne. I am a teacher of French as a Foreign Language.

I am French and originally from Limoges, France. I have been living in Asia for 13 years, and currently, I live in Hong Kong with my family.

Graduated from the DAEFLE program at the Alliance Française, I have been teaching French to students of all nationalities and ages for several years.

I enjoy introducing the French language and culture, and I appreciate the richness of human relationships inherent in my profession.

Enthusiastic and attentive, I am committed to mobilizing all necessary resources to help my students progress and achieve their goals.

In my classes, I promote a interactive, caring, and personalized approach so that everyone can feel confident and participate to the fullest, always in a good mood.

My passions? Travel, sports, nature, and cinema! I look forward to sharing them with you and discovering yours over a “cup of French”!

I am excited to get to know you soon. See you soon!


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