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La sant矇

Avec le mois de novembre qui commence, les premiers rhumes arrivent aussi.

With the month of November, comes also the first colds.

J’ai donc pr矇par矇 3 infographies sur la sant矇, dont voici la premi癡re.

I made therefore 3 infographics about the topic “health”, and here’s the first one.

  • tomber malade = to fall ill, fall sick, come down with something
  • attraper un rhume, senrhumer = to catch a cold
  • 礙tre malade = to be ill, sick
  • avoir un rhume, 礙tre enrhum矇(e) = to have a cold
  • avoir la grippe, 礙tre gripp矇(e) = to have the flu
  • avoir mal la t礙te = to have a headache
  • avoir mal la gorge = to have a sore throat
  • avoir mal au cur = to feel sick, nauseous
  • avoir de la fi癡vre = to have fever
  • avoir le nez qui coule = to have a runny nose (avoir la goutte au nez)
  • avoir le nez bouch矇 = to have a blocked up nose
  • 矇ternuer = to sneeze
  • tousser = to cough

Remarquez que “avoir mal au cur”歹 ne veut pas dire “to have pain in one’s heart”. Aussi 矇trange que cela puisse para簾tre, cela signifie “to feel nauseous” !

Note that “avoir mal au cur”歹 doesn’t mean“to have pain in one’s heart”. As odd as it may sound, it means “to feel nauseous”!

J’esp癡re que vous n’礙tes pas malades, mais si vous l’礙tes vous pouvez d矇crire vos sympt繫mes dans les commentaires.

I hope you’re not ill, but if you are you can describe your symptoms in the comments.

Health - French words (1)

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