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La santé

Comme promis, voici la deuxième infographie sur le vocabulaire de la santé en français.

As promised, here’s the second infographic about French vocabulary around the topic: health.

  • un médecin = a doctor
  • prendre rendez-vous chez le médecin = to make an appointment with the doctor
  • aller chez le médecin = to go to the doctor’s
  • prendre sa température = to take one’s temperature
  • se moucher = to blow your nose
  • vomir = to throw up, vomit
  • rester au lit = to stay in bed
  • se reposer = to rest
  • se soigner = to be treated, treat yourself
  • guérir = to cure, heal
  • être guéri(e) = to be better, cured, healed, recovered

French words - health (2)

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