La routine du matin

Morning routine in French

Morning routine in French
  • se réveiller = to wake up
  • se lever = to get up, get out of bed
  • se doucher = to have, take a shower
  • prendre une douche = to take a shower
  • se raser = to shave
  • se sécher les cheveux = to blow-dry your hair
  • s’habiller = to get dressed
  • prendre son petit déjeuner = to have breakfast
  • se brosser les dents = to brush your teeth
  • se coiffer = to do your hair
  • se maquiller = to put on makeup

On utilise beaucoup de verbes PRONOMINAUX pour décrire ce que l’on fait le matin.

Un verbe pronominal se conjugue avec un PRONOM RÉFLÉCHI.

We often use REFLEXIVE verbs to describe our morning routine.

A reflexive verb is conjugated with a REFLEXIVE PRONOUN.

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