Opposites in French (3) 🐢🐇

Some opposites in French – part 3

You have already learnt a few opposites in French in some of my previous posts.

Here are a few more that I think can be useful.

  • éteint (éteinte) = off, switched off
  • allumé (allumée) = on, switched on
  • dur (dure) = hard
  • mou (molle) = soft
  • lent (lente) = slow
  • rapide (rapide) = fast, quick
  • courageux (courageuse) = courageous, brave
  • peureux (peureuse) = fearful, nervous
  • court (courte) = short
  • long (longue) = long
  • beau (belle) = handsome, beautiful
  • laid (laide) = ugly


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Opposites in French


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