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French Conjugation

Tout ce que vous avez besoin de savoir sur la conjugaison française, les modes et les temps. Ebook avec fichiers audio !




All you need to know about the French conjugation, moods and tenses. Ebook with audio files!



Get ready to supercharge your French language skills with this amazing conjugation ebook with audio files (70 PDF pages + 47 MP3 audio files)! 📘✨

This isn’t a typical boring conjugation book! I’ve taken a fresh and exciting approach, using eye-catching infographics and timelines to break down the complexity of French conjugation into bite-sized pieces. Say goodbye to overwhelming conjugation books and hello to a fun and effective learning experience!

I’ve carefully selected the most useful verbs and tenses, so you can focus on what truly matters in real-life situations. No more wasting time on unnecessary conjugations. I’ve got you covered! ⌛🔍

Inside, you’ll explore verb groups, moods, and their meanings, along with practical uses of different tenses. The handy timeline provides a clear overview of the French tenses, making it easier than ever to grasp. It’s like having a personal tour guide through the maze of conjugation! 🗺️🔍

Discover also the differences between futur simple and futur proche, and unravel the “Maison d’Être”  – all made simple and fun.

You will get four downloadable versions: printable French, digital French, printable English, and digital English.

The included audio files allow you to hear each verb pronounced in different tenses, enabling you to practice your pronunciation. 🗣️🎵

This ebook is your ticket to language mastery! 🌟🇫🇷


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A Cup of French ☕️ 🇫🇷

8 reviews for La conjugaison – PDF + MP3

  1. Tsumengggg

    Meilleur livre de français … j’ai lu plein de livres français mais aucune comme ceci …genre tous les textes sont écrits dans une moyen amusant et facile à comprendre …avec cette livre chaque seconde que j’apprends n’est pas ennuyant comme d’habitude … it’s fun for me .

    • A Cup of French®

      Merci beaucoup ! Je suis contente que vous trouviez le livre amusant car c’est toujours mon but quand je crée une infographie ou un ebook !

  2. F. Salek (verified owner)

    Great way to learn French! The format is easy to follow and the colorful photos allow me to remember the words. Also the audio files are very helpful for my pronunciation. I highly recommend this ebook! I’m very happy with my purchase!

    • A Cup of French®

      Thanks a lot for reviewing this product 🙂 I’m glad you like it !!

  3. Christine Jones (verified owner)

    I love your grammar workbook! You have a way of presenting French that is logical and fun. Students are not intimidated and feel more confident.

    • A Cup of French®

      Merci ! I’m so happy to know that you and your students liked the book. Thanks for letting me know 🙂

  4. Sharon (verified owner)

    If you have had the pleasure of receiving the newsletters from A Cup of French, you know how useful the charming illustrations and infographics are. However, the new books: Le Vocabulaire de L’Alimentation (Foods) and La Conjugaison (Conjugations) are remarkable extensions of the power of well thought out infographics. I was pleasantly surprised that the Food book had not only the English and French but also the Spanish for each item – a true bonus. The Conjugations set a new conceptual order of importance that was also an important learning tool. Both books are fantastic! Thank you so much for your effort.

    • A Cup of French®

      Thanks a lot for your review and your kind words!

  5. Akanksha (verified owner)

    The French Conjugation ebook is an extremely useful resource for anyone looking at enhancing their hold on the language and understand the finer nuances

    • A Cup of French®

      Merci beaucoup 🙂

  6. Belal

    If time is important for you, I strongly suggest you do not hesitate to buy her tutorials. Infographics help you stick the material in your brain in no time.

    • A Cup of French® (verified owner)

      Merci beaucoup et bonne continuation dans l’apprentissage du français 🙂

  7. mayas

    I recently had the pleasure of diving into this ebook by french cup, and I must say that it is an exceptional resource for anyone looking to master the intricacies of French verb conjugation. As an avid language learner, I have studied various study materials, and this ebook stands out as one of the most comprehensive and user-friendly guides I have come across, especially the infographics, make the learning experience enjoyable and memorable, without mentioning the excellent use of vibrant colors that adds a delightful touch that keeps you engaged and prevents monotony.
    One of the aspects that impressed me right from the beginning was the clear and logical structure of the ebook. it’s organized in a well-thought-out manner, making it easy to navigate and locate specific verb tenses or other conjugation patterns. Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate learner, you’ll appreciate the gradual progression of topics allowing you to build a solid foundation and understanding

    • A Cup of French® (verified owner)

      Thanks a lot for this review 🙂

  8. Sam

    This ebook is fantastic for French learners. It simplifies conjugations with clear explanations and logical progression. The interactive exercises and immediate feedback are very helpful. The ebook’s clean design and easy navigation make it a joy to use. Highly recommended for both beginners and advanced learners!

    • A Cup of French® (verified owner)

      I’m so happy to read that you enjoyed the ebook about French conjugation ! Thank you for taking time to share your experience.

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Améliorez votre français avec cet ebook de conjugaison accompagné de fichiers audio (70 pages PDF + 47 fichiers audio MP3) !

Ce n’est pas un livre de conjugaison ordinaire ! J’ai opté pour une approche innovante et motivante, en utilisant des infographies et des lignes de temps pour simplifier la complexité de la conjugaison française en étapes faciles à assimiler. Dites adieu aux livres de conjugaison ennuyeux et bonjour à une expérience d’apprentissage amusante et efficace !

J’ai soigneusement sélectionné les verbes et les temps les plus utiles, afin que vous puissiez vous concentrer sur ceux que l’on utilise le plus souvent dans les situations de la vie quotidienne. Fini le temps perdu avec des conjugaisons inutiles.⌛🔍

Vous explorerez les groupes de verbes, les modes et leurs significations, ainsi que les utilisations pratiques des différents temps. Une ligne de temps vous offre un aperçu clair des temps français, facilitant ainsi la compréhension. Cet ebook est votre guide personnel pour naviguer dans le dédale de la conjugaison ! 🗺️🔍

Découvrez également les différences entre le futur simple et le futur proche, et apprenez les verbes de la “Maison d’Être” – tout cela de manière simple et ludique.

Vous recevrez quatre versions téléchargeables : une version française imprimable, une version française numérique, une version anglaise imprimable et une version anglaise numérique.

Les fichiers audio inclus vous offrent la possibilité d’écouter chaque verbe prononcé à différents temps, vous permettant de pratiquer votre prononciation. 🗣️🎵

Cet ebook est votre passeport vers la maîtrise de la langue !🌟🇫🇷


Taille 18 + 14 Mo (PDF – fichier compressé) + 60 Mo (MP3 – fichier compressé)

Une fois le paiement effectué, vous recevrez un e-mail avec les liens de téléchargement de votre ebook aux formats PDF et MP3. Vous pourrez ensuite consulter votre ebook depuis votre ordinateur, votre tablette ou votre téléphone portable.

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