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Get full access to more than 400 infographics which you can print, download and use in your French learning or teaching.



The Premium Membership will give you access to all of the infographics from A Cup of French, in a downloadable and printable PDF format, with no watermarks and with audio file.

In addition, you will get new and unpublished infographics each month that will only be available with this Premium Membership.

You will not see them on Instagram, nor Facebook, Pinterest, or YouTube.

You will also have access to all the updates that might be made on existing infographics. In addition, you will get some infographics without text to be used as worksheets in order to practice your skills.

When relevant, you will both get an English and a French downloadable version of the infographic.

With the Premium Membership, you will be able to download, print and use all infographics from A Cup of French for your own French learning or as a resource as a French teacher.

This Membership is valid for a period of one year and costs €59. After this period, it needs to be renewed by the buyer if desired.


You will learn about:

  • French grammar rules
  • French vocabulary
  • French useful sentences
  • French idioms
  • French pronunciation
  • French conjugation


The infographics from A Cup of French are made to simplify and ease your French learning/teaching, by using illustrations, colours, text and sound in a layout inspired from mind mapping. The infographics are always concise and self explanatory and will help you learn and memorise the French language in a playful way.

Learning French with infographics is much more fun than reading an ordinary text book. Already more than 170 000 people follow A Cup of French on Instagram which proves that this learning/teaching technique appeals to many.


As a French learner, you will benefit from a growing library of more than 400 infographics, classified by categories and tags for a better user experience. You will be able to enjoy these infographics at your own pace, like a cup of French.


As a French teacher, you will have access to an endless source of ready made mini lessons that you can use in your teaching to make it more fun and engaging.


Go to the Free Infographics page to have a taste of what the infographics are, or look on the Membership Information page to see a few examples and a short video.


If you are a team of teachers who would like to purchase several memberships, please go to the contact page and ask for a multi-users price. Each membership can only be used by one teacher and his/her students or by one private person.


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By purchasing this membership you agree to comply with A Cup of French’s LICENSE AGREEMENT.

You may not share, send, sell, sublicense, or transfer any resource to someone else.

You may not post or otherwise make any resource available on any website or social media.

You may not use a resource, in part or in whole, for commercial purposes.

Read the full License agreement here.



En achetant cet abonnement vous acceptez de vous conformer aux termes du CONTRAT DE LICENCE d’A Cup of French.

Vous ne pouvez pas partager, envoyer, vendre, sous-licencier ou transférer de ressource à quelqu’un d’autre.

Vous ne pouvez pas publier ou rendre une ressource disponible sur un site internet ou un réseau social.

Vous ne pouvez pas utiliser une ressource, en tout ou en partie, à des fins commerciales.

Lisez l’intégralité du Contrat de Licence ici.


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