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Aujourd’hui, c’est Black Friday (vendredi noir), c’est le grand jour des promotions. Le Black Friday vient des États-Unis et est organisĂ© juste après Thanksgiving. Il existe maintenant en France depuis quelques annĂ©es.

Today is Black Friday, it’s the big day of special offers. Black Friday comes from the United States and is organised just after Thanksgiving. It started in France a few years ago.


J’ai donc fait une infographie sur le shopping et les soldes.

I therefore made an infographic about shopping and sales.


  • acheter = to buy
  • dĂ©penser = to spend
  • payer, rĂ©gler = to pay
  • faire du shopping = to go shopping, to shop
  • faire du lèche-vitrines = to go (to do some) window shopping
  • faire les soldes = to go to the sales
  • les soldes = sales
  • le prix = the price
  • une rĂ©duction = a discount
  • une affaire = a bargain
  • une promotion = a special offer
  • une taille = a size
  • une marque = a brand, label
  • cher, chère = expensive
  • bon marchĂ©, pas cher = cheap
  • rembourser = to refund
  • Ă©changer = to exchange
  • ni repris (ni remboursĂ©), ni Ă©changĂ© = no return (no refund), no exchange


French words - shopping (1)

French words - shopping (2)


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