Voyons ensemble quelques phrases avec la préposition SUR. Les livres sont sur la table 📚 =...

A Cup of French®

February 7, 2020

Prepositions are always difficult! Learn here how to use the right prepositions when talking about transports...

A Cup of French®

October 24, 2019

Do you make this mistake? This is one of the most common mistakes in French. Find...

A Cup of French®

September 10, 2019

Let see another common mistake in French, that I hear very often. Do you make this...

A Cup of French®

July 23, 2019

Learn here some French prepositions of place: sur, sous, à gauche de, à droite de, devant,...

A Cup of French®

July 21, 2019

⚠️ This is a very common mistake in French! Never forget that "DE LE" doesn't exist...

A Cup of French®

June 3, 2019

Should you use a preposition after the French verb REGARDER or not? This is one of...

A Cup of French®

May 29, 2019

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