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This sentence can be useful if you need to ask in French how to connect to...

A Cup of French®

March 20, 2020

Learn some French vocabulary and the pronunciation around the topic CORONAVIRUS....

A Cup of French®

March 19, 2020

This infographic will teach you a few adverbs to talk about frequency in French: jamais, rarement,...

A Cup of French®

October 22, 2019

You may have noticed that the French sometimes use shortened words to go faster. Here are...

A Cup of French®

October 20, 2019

├ŐTRE EN TRAIN DE (+ infinitive verb) is used to talk about an ongoing action in...

A Cup of French®

September 18, 2019

Do you know the difference between the French words PART, MORCEAU, TRANCHE and PINCÉE? ...

A Cup of French®

August 10, 2019

To express a recent past in French, you use the verb VENIR followed by the preposition...

A Cup of French®

July 19, 2019

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