Conjugation of the French verb FAIRE ✅

Conjugation of the verb FAIRE

For those of you who have read my posts about French expressions with FAIRE, you already know that FAIRE is a very important verb in French.

If you haven’t read them yet: French expressions with FAIRE (1), French expressions with FAIRE (2)

We use FAIRE to talk about:

  • sport (faire du sport, du foot, du tennis, …)
  • weather (faire beau, mauvais, gris, …)
  • temperature (faire froid, chaud, 20 degrés, …)
  • household (faire la vaisselle, le ménage, …)
  • size (faire du 38, …)
  • height (faire 1,70m, …)
  • price (ça fait 10 €, …)
  • etc

Learn now with this infographic how to conjugate FAIRE in the most relevant tenses.

You can go to my Instagram account if you want to hear how to pronounce correctly.

The pronunciation is indeed sometimes difficult here. Normally “ai” is pronounced [ɛ], like the French letter È.

However, “ai” in “faisons” and in all the Imparfait forms (i.e faisais, faisait, faisions, faisiez et faisaient) is pronounced [ə], like the letter E in the French alphabet.

How to conjugate the French verb FAIRE

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