How to use and conjugate the French verb METTRE

Le verbe METTRE est un verbe très utilisé et qui se traduit de différentes façons.

The verb METTRE is a very often used verb with many different meanings.

  • Il MET l’ampoule dans la boîte. = He puts the light bulb in the box.
  • Il MET sa cravate. = He puts on his tie.
  • Elle MET la radio. = She switches on the radio.
  • L’avion MET deux heures. = The plane takes 2 hours.
  • Il MET la table / le couvert. = He lays (sets) the table.

Notez que le verbe METTRE peut aussi être employé sous la forme pronominale : SE METTRE.

Note that the verb METTRE can also be used as a reflexive verb: SE METTRE.

  • Ils SE METTENT d’accord. = They come to an agreement.
  • Il SE MET à rire. = He starts laughing.
  • Il SE MET sur son 31. = He puts on his Sunday best.
  • Il SE MET en colère. = He gets angry.
French verb METTRE
How to conjugate the French verb METTRE

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