How to conjugate the verb POUVOIR?

Pouvez-vous conjuguer le verbe POUVOIR ?

Can you conjugate the verb POUVOIR?


Le verbe POUVOIR est un verbe irrégulier très utilisé et donc utile à connaître !

The verb POUVOIR is a very often used irregular French verb, therefore useful to know!


Pouvez-vous faire une phrase avec le verbe POUVOIR ?

Can you make a sentence with the verb POUVOIR?

Conjugation of verb pouvoir in French

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  1. Does “I can” have a future meaning? I mean, sure you can express “I am going to be able to” and “I will be allowed to”, but how can you say “I can” in the future? Is it “I will”?

    1. Hi Jonathon!
      You have to use “to be able to” or sometimes “can”.
      Ils pourront t’aider demain –> They will be able to help you tomorrow. OR They can help you tomorrow.
      The correct translation of “ils pourront” should be “they will can”, but it doesn’t exist.
      If you say “they will help you tomorrow” that means “ils t’aideront demain” and not “ils pourront t’aider demain”.

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