How to conjugate the verb S’ASSEOIR ?


The verb S’ASSEOIR (to sit down) is a bit difficult to conjugate and has 2 possible conjugations.

We’ll learn only the one that is the most commonly used 😉

Note that since S’ASSEOIR is a reflexive verb, you have to use the auxiliary verb ÊTRE to conjugate in passé composé.

The past participle (here: assis) agrees therefore in gender and number with the subject.

  • Il s’est assis
  • Elle s’est assise
  • Nous nous sommes assis (if only boys or boys & girls)
  • Nous nous sommes assises (if only girls)
  • Vous vous êtes assise (for ex. if you are talking to a woman you don’t know and use VOUS)
  • Vous vous êtes assis (if you are talking to several boys or boy and girls)
  • Vous vous êtes assises (if you are talking to several girls)


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How to conjugate the French verb S'ASSEOIR

How to conjugate the French verb S'ASSEOIR 2


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