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Are you new to French and feeling uncertain about where to begin, or are you already on your journey and would like to enhance your skills?

Embark on a dynamic online journey of learning French in a friendly class setting!

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Whether you’re starting from scratch or
looking to build on your existing language skills, our courses will empower you to express yourself effectively in French!

Whether you’re starting from scratch or looking to build on your existing language skills, our courses will empower you to express yourself effectively in French!

Course highlights

Online Convenience

Learn French conveniently from anywhere via Zoom or Skype (no account needed).

Small Class Size

Enjoy focused learning and interaction with limited sized classes (3-6 students).

French Foundation

Master French language essentials, including grammar, vocabulary, conjugation, and more.

Learning tools

Benefit from infographics from A Cup of French, visual tools that will make your grammar learning experience enjoyable!

Daily Life relevance

Learn French vocabulary and phrases immediately applicable in everyday conversations.

French Culture

Native teachers provide insights into French culture, fostering a deeper appreciation and understanding of the language.

Course details

Beginner Course A1

New to French? Start with our A1 Course, the perfect introduction to the language. We’ll cover the basics, giving you a strong foundation to build upon.

No prior knowledge of French is required for this level.

Beginner Course A2

Already familiar with basic French? Advance your skills with our A2 Course, designed to build upon your existing knowledge.

To enroll in an A2 course, you must:

  • Understand and be able to use short and simple sentences aimed at meeting concrete needs.
  • Be able to ask a person questions about themselves and answer to the same type of basic questions.
  • Know how to introduce yourself or someone else.
  • Be able to communicate in a simple and basic manner if the speaker speaks slowly and distinctly and is cooperative.
  • Be familiar with basic vocabulary related to everyday life situations.
  • Be able to master simple grammatical structures and conjugate the most common verbs in the present tense, passé composé (with the auxiliary AVOIR), and near future (futur proche).

Intermediate Course B1

Ready to go beyond the basics? Our B1 Course is tailored for learners aiming to delve deeper into the language, expand their vocabulary, and refine grammar understanding.

To enroll in a B1 course, you must:

  • Understand common sentences and expressions related to familiar topics or everyday situations.
  • Be able to interact in simple everyday life situations.
  • Be able to describe your education and immediate environment.
  • Be able to talk about past events or experiences in a simple way.
  • Have sufficient vocabulary for simple exchanges on familiar subjects.
  • Know the present progressive, recent past, simple future, and the difference between the past perfect and imperfect tenses.
  • Know simple relative pronouns, pronouns Y and EN, complex negation.
  • Know some time expressions like “il y a / pendant / depuis.”

Intermediate Course B2

Elevate your French proficiency to new heights with our B2 Course. This course challenges you with complex conversations, advanced grammar structures, and precision in expressing ideas. Dive into a more nuanced and refined mastery of the French language.

To enroll in a B2 course, you must:

  • Understand the essentials of a discussion and express simple opinions on familiar topics and in your areas of interest.
  • Be independent in most situations encountered when traveling in France or a French-speaking country.
  • Be able to narrate an event, an experience, or a dream, describe a hope or goal, express your feelings, and briefly present reasons or explanations for a project or idea.
  • Have sufficient vocabulary to express yourself on common topics such as family, work, hobbies, travel, news, etc.
  • Know the passive voice, pluperfect, present conditional, present subjunctive, gerund.
  • Be able to express hypothesis, consequence, purpose, opposition, cause.

Required tools

To attend this course, you will need a computer, a functioning webcam, a microphone (integrated or external), and a stable internet connection.

Depending on your teacher, you might need to purchase an additional textbook for your course. If so, you will be notified about any associated costs before payment.


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Schedule & Price


Duration: 12 weeks, meeting twice a week.
Session Length: Each session is 1 hour.
Total Hours: 24 hours of French lessons.



(€20,8 per hour) + textbook if required

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