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Christmas - French words

  • le père Noël  = Santa Claus, Father Christmas
  • un traîneau = a sledge, sleigh
  • un renne = a reindeer
  • un sapin de Noël = a Christmas tree
  • une cheminée = a fireplace
  • un cadeau de Noël = a Christmas present, gift
  • un bonhomme de neige = a snowman
  • des bonshommes de neige = snowmen
  • la neige = the snow
  • Joyeux Noël !  = Merry Christmas!

Les enfants croient au père Noël. C’est lui qui apporte les cadeaux et les dépose au pied du sapin.

Children believe in Santa Claus. He is the one bringing the gifts and dropping them off at the foot of the Christmas tree.

Il est aidé par ses rennes et se déplace avec son traîneau.

He is assisted by his reindeers and gets around on his sledge.

Dans certains pays, il neige à Noël et on peut alors faire des bonshommes de neige.

In some countries, it snows at Christmas and one can make snowmen.

Est-ce qu’on fête Noël dans votre pays ? Répondez en commentaire 😉

Do you celebrate Christmas in your country? Answer in the comments 😉

J’ai créé un ebook sur Noël avec plein d’activités, idéal pour les profs qui souhaitent animer leur classe de français en décembre !

I have created an ebook on Christmas with lots of activities, ideal for teachers who want to animate their French class in December!

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  1. I love your website!!! I do want to point out to you that the American word for “un traîneau” is a “sleigh”. It is pronounced like the word, “slay” (to kill). When I looked up “sledge,” it does exist in English to mean a sleigh, but I wonder if it is used commonly in Great Britain. I have never heard anyone use the word, “sledge” in America. I’d be curious to hear back what you learned about “sledge”.

    By the way, I’d love to hear if you have created the video designs or you have a resident artist working for you. They are amazing!!!

    1. Thank you for your nice words Darlene!

      I will add the word “sleigh” to the translation and I will ask my English friends whether “sledge” is commonly used or not and correct accordingly 🙂 I did learn “sledge” at school, but that’s years ago 😀

      I do make some drawings myself. All the drawings of Paris and the logo on my site are designed by me 😉 But I have to admit that I use a bank of images for my infographics. I wouldn’t have the capacity to draw them all 😉

  2. Salut
    Dans mon pays on fête noël .. je viens du liban
    Merci beaucoup de nous partager votre belle langue et culture
    J’ai beaucoup appris d’informations précieuses
    Joyeux noël .. merci infiniment

    1. Avec grand plaisir !
      Merci de votre commentaire 🙂
      Je vous souhaite également de passer un joyeux Noël au Liban.

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