Conjugaison du verbe FINIR ✔️

Conjugation of -IR regular verbs

Conjugation of FINIR







Tous les autres verbes réguliers se terminant par -IR se conjuguent comme FINIR.

All other regular verbs ending in -IR are conjugated as FINIR.

Ex: CHOISIR (to choose), GRANDIR ( to grow, get taller), OBÉIR (to obey), RÉFLÉCHIR (to think), RÉUSSIR (to succeed), SALIR (to dirty, soil), etc.

  • Je finis à 4 heures le lundi. = I finish at 4 p.m. on Mondays.
  • Elle a sali sa robe. = She dirtied her dress.
  • Tu choisis quel menu ? = Which menu do you choose?
  • Il faut que je réfléchisse. = I have to think about it.

Attention, tous les verbes se terminant par -IR ne se conjuguent pas comme FINIR.

Note that not all verbs ending in -IR are conjugated as FINIR.


Vous connaissez d’autres verbes qui se conjuguent comme FINIR ? Écrivez-les en commentaire 😉

Do you know other verbs that conjugate like FINIR? Write them down in comments 😉

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